18eighteen: 25:22 Minute Video of Angelica Meow

November 15th, 2012 by kaktusan

posting 20374 med 18eighteen: 25:22 Minute Video of Angelica Meow

Angelica is really good at cleaning equipment. She’ll get every speck off your car with a little soap and a rag, and she’ll make your dick glisten with her tongue. She even goes the extra mile to buff that cock with her pussy. Watch Angelica‘s tight hole slip and slide on a long rod while her big ass jiggles and wiggles. And after the fucking is over, she makes sure every drop of cum lands on her tits.

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Pussy This Good

November 11th, 2012 by kaktusan

posting 21521 med Pussy This Good

“I don’t just look like a good fuck, I AM a good fuck. You know why? Because when I’m about to get down and dirty with a guy, I give it my all. I really want that cock. I’m not going to be a rag doll, just lying there, while you fuck me. I’m gonna moan and ride your cock like a cowgirl gone crazy and then bend over and shake my ass while you do me doggie-style. That’s if you can keep yourself from cumming too quickly. That tends to happen with pussy this good.”

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Girlfriend Makes Her Lover Cum

November 6th, 2012 by kaktusan

creamfilledhonuts67 Girlfriend Makes Her Lover Cum

Danni was planning a relaxing afternoon by the pool, tanning in just her bikini and thong, but when her boyfriend came home early, he was stressed out from work and she knew exactly how to make him feel better. She showed him her ass, which always makes him smile and it wasn’t long before he was fingering her ass. She loved feeling that. Soon he was rock hard and ready to fuck. He fucked her pussy. He pounded her pussy with his hard cock. She loved the way it felt, but she really loved what was coming next. She got on her knees to finish him off. She wrapped her lips around his cock and didn’t let go until he was ready to cum. He explode on her face, covering her pretty face with loads of hot cum!

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Teen Cutie Needs Cock And Cum

November 2nd, 2012 by kaktusan

creamfilledhonuts617 41187 Teen Cutie Needs Cock And Cum

Meet Jessie, a sweet southern belle with a sexy accent. She was raised all prim and proper but I don’t think her parents would approve of her posing for Cream Filled Honuts. However, this teen has a slutty side that she can’t control. This teen doesn’t just like sex, she needs sex. Today, we see her in action with one of her many older lovers. She rides his cock like it might be the last dick she ever gets inside of her. When she starts to get tired, he flips her over and starts fucking her doggy style. He pounds her tight pussy until they’re both ready to orgasm. That’s when she assumes the position and takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks on his cock for just a few moments before he’s ready to cum. That’s when he covers her pretty face with cum. So much cum that it drips off her chin and on to her perky boobs and even all the way down to her belly.

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Busty Cock Rock: 14:42 Minute Video of Jessie Lee

October 28th, 2012 by kaktusan

posting 19742 med Busty Cock Rock: 14:42 Minute Video of Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee‘s bed buddy wants her to dress like a college student. Why sure!

posting 19742 x med Busty Cock Rock: 14:42 Minute Video of Jessie Lee

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Face Screwed Petite Sis

October 22nd, 2012 by kaktusan

ff8b Face Screwed Petite Sis

When I was in high school I had this friend who had a sexy small sister that had a crush on me and I wanted to fuck her so badly. She was so yummy and innocent but I had to much respect for my buddy to do that. But, years later I ran into her at a bar and she was obviously legal by then and I hadn’t seen my buddy in years. So, I figured what the hell. She was obviously still interested and I so desperately wanted to get into that snatch. So, I took her back to my place and found out that she sure as hell wasn’t innocent anymore. I nailed her every which way and even gave her a good face fuck that she just loved. I filled her mouth with a tubby pile of creamy spunk and she never even blinked an eye. She just took my weiner all the way to the back of her throat and swallowed every last drop. Wonder what he’d think of his innocent kid sister now?

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SCORE Theater: 20:02 Minute Video of Brandy Talore

October 15th, 2012 by kaktusan

posting 20058 med SCORE Theater: 20:02 Minute Video of Brandy Talore

April McKenzie and Brandy Talore team up for a full hardcore press. This is the very first pairing of the two massively chested babes and it’s going to be a fun, dirty ride to watch as they fill their mouths and pussies with the meat-axe. Brandy initiates the action when she and April walk onto the pool deck. “Are you excited? Because I wanna suck your big cock,” taunts Brandy, slapping his hand away. “You know you wanna suck on those nipples,” she says, rubbing April’s huge jugs through her T-shirt. “She’s gonna rub her tits all over your cock.” April aids and abets Brandy‘s relentless teasing. “We’re gonna go in the hot tub. You sit there and wait for us,” April says. Now they are done verbally abusing this poor man, they head for the hot tub, their bikinis subjected to pressures that exceed the maximum weight load permitted by law. See the photos of April and Brandy‘s Three’s Cum-Pany in Hardcore Special. Running Time: 20:02

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18Eighteen May 2008: 60 Photos of Sophia Young

October 10th, 2012 by kaktusan

posting 19659 med 18Eighteen May 2008: 60 Photos of Sophia Young

Sophia, when we last saw you in the Jan. ’08 issue, you were a cherry who was dating another cherry. Now you’re bangin’ this dude. So, is this your first cock ever?
“No, I lost my cherry to my boss. It was so good! He said I was a natural and then asked me if I wanted to be a star. He hooked me up with some producers and now I’m in my first XXX scene in Teens Next Door. I couldn’t believe Dallas wanted to fuck me for my first time on camera. I thought I’d be nervous, but he made me feel so comfortable that I was slurping away on his knob in no time. Wanna know a secret? Being on camera made me even hornier! I really like being watched!”

Did you cum on camera?
“Ohmigosh! I totally came, like, at least twice. He kept pounding me so hard and then he told me to get on top. And when I did, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and really rammed me. It felt so good to be full of cock and have my ass stretched out like that. I wanted him to finger my tiny asshole, too.”

posting 19659 x med 18Eighteen May 2008: 60 Photos of Sophia Young

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Rock That Rack, Tap That Ass!

October 4th, 2012 by kaktusan

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There’s nothing like a little kink to make sex better. Especially when you can get kinky with as hot a piece of ass as Daphne Rosen. Daphne is the total package: She is smart, has a great personality and she is the freakiest sex fiend you can find. This girl does it all. So when this guy wanted to experiment with some nipple clamps, she was all for it. When he whipped out the whips and chains, Daphne whipped out his cock and went to town. When he told her that he wanted to fuck her tits and her pussy and then finish off with his cock in her ass, she agreed wholeheartedly. And when he told her that he wanted to spray her down with his nut sauce she told him to do it. Because Daphne knows that the only thing better than being a big-titted cock fiend is being a big-titted cock fiend coated in cum.

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Babe Discovers The Joys Of Two Cocks

September 27th, 2012 by kaktusan

creamfilledhonuts111 Babe Discovers The Joys Of Two Cocks

It looks like this babe had her wildest fantasy come true last night. Check out these photos of a chick named Vanessa. She’s always been the kind of girl that is willing to satisfy her lovers anytime they want whether it’s with a blowjob or spreading her legs open. But she’s had a fantasy building up inside of her. She wanted to experience a threesome. She just broke up with her boyfriend and Friday night seemed like the perfect time to explore this fantasy and turn it into a reality. She invited two of her male friends over. They may have dreamed about something like this happening, but I don’t think either of them ever thought that it would. They had no idea that Vanessa had such a slutty side!

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